Construction Debris Removal in Granite Hills, California

No matter what size of your project in Granite Hills, California, Junk Valet can handle all of the post-construction waste. With over 20 years of experience in junk removal and hauling services, you know that getting rid of construction debris is an efficient process with us on board. Handling construction materials can be dangerous, so it's best to trust a professional. Hauling away the debris of your construction job doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Junk Valet, you can get rid of all that waste with ease and convenience!

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About Our Construction Debris Removal

Remodel Debris Removal

If you recently renovated, remodeled, or flipped a house in Granite Hills, CA and need to hire someone for post-renovation clean-out services but don't want the hassle of renting bulky dumpsters yourself, call our trusted professionals at Junk Valet. We're quick, clean & efficient with eco-friendly junk removal methods—we donate first then recycle second so that you can rest easy knowing we are committed to an environmental mission!

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We Pick Them All!

No matter the size of your renovation project, there is a post-renovation cleanout service that will help you remove all construction debris from your property.

Types of debris we take?
  • Construction materials & drywall
  • Countertops & cabinets
  • Old flooring materials & carpets debris
  • Mirrors & windows
  • Bricks, shingles & other building materials
  • Appliance removal & recycling

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Why Choose Junk Valet

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Never An Overtime Charge
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Locally Owned And Operated.
  • Fully Insured.
  • Uniformed Professionals.
  • Convenient Appointment Times.
  • Veteran Owned And Operated.

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Benefits of Hiring a Construction Waste Removal Service

  1. Health & Safety
    Getting rid of construction waste can be hazardous and time-consuming if you attempt to do it yourself. A professional junk removal company has the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed for a safe job that is done in less than an hour compared to several hours when trying on your own.
  2. Reliability & Efficiency
    A professional junk removal company is highly reliable and efficient because they offer quick, safe processing of waste. Since their workers are well trained and skilled, everything gets done faster than ever before. Some wastes can be easily removed from a construction site while others may be harmful to your health; this makes the unrivaled knowledge that comes with an experienced contractor invaluable for all types of jobs in any environment or setting
  3. Helps You Meet Legal Requirements
    Professional junk removal companies specialize in the proper disposal of waste per local laws and regulations. They also make sure you meet other obligations such as environmental policies (i.e., corporate social responsibility policy, Environmental Management System) and safety requirements for hazardous materials from a construction site to avoid liability or fines due to improper actions that may harm your environment. This helps ensure success against competitors by providing good practice on how they manage their business while taking care of our planet's resources so it doesn't become depleted over time!

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More About the Junk Valet Family

Junk Valet is a full-service junk removal and hauling business servicing the Granite Hills, California area. Our teams will remove your junk, trash, and recyclables from ANYWHERE on your property. We can provide service for anything from a single item pickup to an entire office cleanout. No item is too small or too big. We work with homeowners, property managers, general contractors, storage companies, and more. Give us a call today at 866-459-0684 to schedule service.