The Estate Process: The Help You Need When You Need It Most

The Estate Process: The Help You Need When You Need It Most

While you naturally feel terrible when someone you love passes away, there is still much work to do even beyond planning and arranging for a funeral. Their home must be cleared out and cleaned to make it attractive to buyers or renters. Given that you’ve just experienced a loss, you may not be in the most motivated and energetic of moods. This is were a debris removal company can come in handy. While we use the word debris, we really mean anything in the house that has to go. This ranges from furniture and personal effects, to trash, junk, old appliances, cabinets, even tree cuttings. Once you look at a house from this perspective you’ll understand exactly how much work there is to be done. The question is whether you’re up to it. Many people are not and it’s quite understandable. That’s when it’s time to call in a professional crew to haul junk away. Many things can be kept for surviving family members, much can be given to charity and some things can even be recycled. No matter what the exact destination of the various items, a professional crew will make this process easy which is precisely what you need in your time of loss.

Estate Sales

If you’re planning on holding an estate sale — and many people do — you will probably need help sorting through your loved one’s belongings. A debris removal company is just the ticket. Don’t let the name fool you or dissuade you. And don’t be hesitant to have strangers touching your loved one’s items. These crews handle hundreds of estate sales annually and they have the necessary sensitivity to work with you and your loved one’s possessions with dignity. They can come up a with a plan to sort the items left in the home and upon your approval go to it. All lamps can be grouped, all dishes and cookware, all chairs, all decorative items. They can even move the heavier pieces of furniture into areas where they can be viewed in a more favorable light by prospective buyers. Do you really think it’s wise to do all that yourself after just experiencing a loss?

Experienced Movers

Along with being junk and trash haulers, debris removal crews need to know how to move the heaviest pieces of furniture and equipment from pianos to printing presses without damaging the business or the home. These specialists arrive with all the necessary tools and manpower to do just that. You simply point and they move it wherever you determine best. If it’s an item such as an old stove or refrigerator, they know just how to move it and exactly where to take it to be processed safely. These crews do everything possible not to damage the walls, floors or built-in fixtures in the process so not only can you count on them to help with a possible estate sale, they’ll leave the home looking it’s best for potential buyers or renters.

The Estate Process: The Help You Need When You Need It Most

Removal, Disposal & Recycling

While many of your loved one’s possessions may find new homes with other people, you should expect that a fair amount is going to have to be removed, destroyed and possibly recycled. A qualified debris removal company has long-standing relationships with everyone from the dump for trash, to the recycling center to the hazardous waste material center where items such as appliances and electronics need to be brought in order to dispose of them properly and safely in terms of the environment. At this juncture, you don’t have time to rent a van and drive back and forth to these various disposable companies to drop off furniture, appliances, clothing, housewares, etc. Let the professionals help you. They have the trucks, they have the equipment, they have the personnel and most importantly, they have the experience.


If you should decide that your loved one’s possessions really don’t rate an estate sale, but need to cleared from the residence regardless, you might consider renting a dumpster from a debris removal company. This is a terrific solution when you can’t afford a service and don’t really need help moving any large objects. As people get older, many of them pair down their possessions giving many away as they move to smaller and smaller dwellings due to their inability to care for a large home. Renting a dumpster will allow you to fill it at your leisure and call for pick up and disposal. If you still have more items to discard you may ask that the dumpster be returned several times and replaced with an empty dumpster several times. It’s never easy disposing of someone’s possessions but it’s a part of life and it has to be done. While estate sales and clean-outs aren’t easy, you may earn some money which I’m sure you’re loved one would be glad to see go to you and your family members. On the other hand, someone with very few possessions probably didn’t need much and therefore the would want disposing of their belongings to be as easy as possible for the people they loved in life.

The Estate Process: The Help You Need When You Need It Most