San Diego Storage Units and Storage Services–Don’t Toss It! Store It!

San Diego Storage Units and Storage Services–

You Never Know When You Might Need It…

Junk Valet is your complete San Diego storage services solution.  Is your basement is so full that you dread going down there?  Or your garage or attic packed full of items you might need in the future and still want, but don’t have time to sort through right now?  Consider putting these possessions into a San Diego storage unit.  It can be hard parting with your belongings, but uncluttering your house using our San Diego storage services can go a long way toward uncluttering your life as well.

  We’ve been helping clients clear out their homes and lives for over ten years, and with over 150,000 completed jobs under our belt, we’ve seen just about everything.

  Most of us Americans love stuff. There’s always something new to buy, but we hardly ever want to give up on the things we already have. Over time, all this stuff builds up, making your house feel small, dark and cluttered.  Until you are ready to carefully organize and sort through your items to decide if they are trash or treasure, you may want to consider moving some of the items you use the least into a San Diego storage unit.

  Another reason to choose storage services is if you take up a new hobby that requires a lot of extra equipment that you don’t have space to store at your home, or if you need to temporarily downsize your living space but don’t want to give up all the furniture and other items you had in your old house.

San Diego Storage Services Can Carefully Pick Up and Pack Up For You

San Diego Storage Units, San Diego Storage Services

Junk Valet is happy to help you put your San Diego storage unit to good use. Our crew of professional, uniformed workers can pick up the items you want to store and pack them neatly and safely into your storage unit. Our crew will always be respectful of your property and will pack your storage unit in a way that fits everything in comfortably while also allowing you as much access to your possessions as possible.

  We can also unpack your storage unit and bring your items to your new upgraded location once you’ve found space for everything. Whether we’re packing items away, or bringing them back, you can rest assured that your possessions are in good hands when Junk Valet is on the job.  We also offer some of the best pricing in the industry, and our 20-foot trucks allow us to make fewer trips, saving you time and money.

 We also work with many San Diego storage unit facility owners, helping them to clean out abandoned storage units, take away abandoned furniture and other items that couldn’t fit, and to handle dumpster overflows – a common issue at storage sites. Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer same day service for one-off projects and can also schedule routine drive-bys and pickups.

  So, whether you’re a homeowner who has finally realized the need to clean out the house or a storage facility owner looking for a fast and reliable junk removal company, Junk Valet is your answer.  Just give us a call at (619) 356-2819 for a direct quote or contact us through our website at

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