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Junk Valet is your complete junk removal solution. No matter what it is, where it is or how big or small it is, we can get rid of it for you in a safe, legal and responsible manner. Trust us, we’ve been removing hazardous waste in Vista CA  for over ten years and have completed over 150,000 jobs.

 At Junk Valet, we are highly concerned about the environmental footprint we leave behind, and we know that the vast majority of our clients are as well.

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As a junk removal service, we are in a prime position to take a strong stance on this topic and – with the help of our clients – make a big impact.

First of all, we make it a priority to recycle as much material as possible. On jobs that include a lot of recyclable materials, we are able to designate a special section of our truck to collect recyclables so that we can easily take it to the recycling plant.


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Our pricing is based on volume – how much space your junk takes up
in our truck and not by the time it takes us to remove your junk!

Our pricing includes:

  • Labor
  • Dumping Fees
  • Recycling Fees
  • Hauling
  • General Clean Up
  • Taxes

You will get much more value for your money with our larger trucks! By cubit yard our prices are up to 15% less than competitors.

Just because we offer great pricing doesn’t mean we cut back on our service by a single dime. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and efficiency of our crew.

We honor the price quoted to you prior to your appointment and
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When we think of  hazardous waste removal  or trash removal, we all get frustrated because we need our junk or trash disposed of, but we don’t want to personally contribute to the waste that goes into our landfills and we know that litter continues to degrade our environment each year.

You don’t have to feel guilty about adding to this landfill problem if you use Junk Valet as your Rancho Bernardo junk removal service.

Junk Valet will recycle and reuse as much of your junk as possible so that, together, we can preserve our environment, and give many of your items a purposeful second life.

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Hazardous Materials Removal In Vista CA

Hazardous materials can be found within your household in many forms. Unbeknownst to you they are probably being stored in many different areas such as the garage, basement, attic, bathroom and kitchen. Most common types of these items are car batteries and paint thinners, but there are many ordinary items in your home that you probably would not think about considering to be hazardous materials such as polishes, insecticides, glues and mercury thermometers. All of your garbage should remain in whatever receptacle your town provides you with, sealed away in plastic garbage bags.  Hazardous household waste materials are defined as items that contain ingredients that could be harmful to people, pets as well as the environment. These items are commonly found in household in the forms of paint, cleaning products and garden chemicals.

Vista CA Hazardous Materials RemovalHazardous waste is usually produce by industry where there are strict legislation imposed on the process because of the hazardous emissions; including but not limited to  heavy metals, but the presence of the household hazardous materials are dangerous as well. This type of waste is of a particular class of “solid waste”(including liquid, solid or gaseous materials), and if it is not properly managed has the potential to pose substantial threat or hazard to the health of those people that exposed to it as well as to the environment. In a factory setting the waste that is likely to be generated is spent solvents, waste laboratory chemicals, waste paints and used oils. Some of these things can be extremely hazardous and some of them not so much so being knowledgeable and ensuring their proper disposal is of the utmost importance. These wastes are labled with this term because of their chemical reactivity, toxicity, explosiveness, corrosiveness, radioactivity and other characteristics that make them dangerous. They are a risk to the health of human beings and environment and must be handled properly. These hazardous materials will require professionals to come and remove them from many situations and calling your local junk removal companies is the first step to responsibly getting rid of them.

Hazardous materials waste is generated by all areas of society from large industries, small businesses, households, schools and farms. There is no situation that does not have potential to become a hazard. There are legal requirements when it comes to the disposal of hazardous materials and is usually handled by professionals in the hazardous waste industry and by local trash hauling companies. If you are concerned that a certain material that you have is hazardous it is better to be safe than sorry and contact the appropriate people to handle the situation. Regulations and laws require that a company that is transporting hazardous materials on public roads must have permits to do so. It is prohibited in most nations that people get rid of wastes and chemicals by pouring them down drains and in sinks. Most of these nations, however, consider households to be exempt from these regulations and prohibitions. You should be careful and dispose of these things properly even though you are not regulated to do so. Most places will dispose of garbage and garden waste on a weekly basis while leaving the recycling to be done bi-weekly. If you have large amounts of hazardous materials to get rid of you will need to schedule a special collection so that the proper professionals can be sent out to handle the pickup. If you have hazardous waste you should never put it in the garbage with regular trash. If you have any questions or are uncertain about the items you are needing to dispose of contact a professional so that it can be properly.

All of these things can hazardous to you, your family, your pets and it can directly affect the environment that you live in every day. So be careful and always dispose of these properly to protect yourself and your loved ones. You can create a hazardous environment innocently by mixing household chemicals simply by throwing them into the garbage can together, such as bleach and ammonia. When this example combination is mixed it creates poisonous gases and fumes and can easily start fires as well. You should never place household chemicals in the trash that is inside of your home, but always in the cans that are curbside.Hazardous materials improperly disposed of can quickly and easily become a huge danger to the environment. Example of this being someone who buries a gas can in the ground could be negatively affecting rivers and drinking water when this fuel soaks into the earth. Check into what kind of resources your community offers for safe disposal of these hazardous materials. There are some communities that will work with residents to provide special waste collections that are done by certain vehicle that can do so in a safe manner. So be smart and protect not only yourself and your loved one but the earth for future generations. Dispose of hazardous materials and waste properly and legally. If everyone takes the extra little bit of time and effort to do this simple thing we can ensure a better future and a healthy environment for those who will be living in it in the future. They will appreciate the effort we put in now and that effort can help to build safe practices that will carry on to that next generation as well.

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