We Recycle

At Junk Valet, we get frustrated by hearing how much waste goes into our landfills each year and how litter continues to degrade our environment.

If you’ve got a lot of junk that want out of your home or property, you don’t have to feel guilty about adding to this problem. With Junk Valet at your service, we will recycle and reuse as much of your junk as possible so that, together, we can preserve our environment, and give many of your items a happy second life.

We make it a priority to recycle as much material as possible. On jobs that include a lot of recyclable materials, we are able to designate a special section of our truck to collect recyclables so that we can easily take it to the recycling plant.

 We’re also committed to reusing as many objects as possible through donations to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and many other local charities that accept gently-used furniture, working appliances, clothes and more. We’ve found that many of our clients feel good knowing that their unwanted objects are getting a second life and assisting those who are less fortunate.

We’re also capable of handling and properly disposing of a variety of objects, including electronics that may include hazardous chemicals. You can rest assured that these items will be disposed of in a legal and safe manner so that those chemical do not leech back into the environment and cause harm.

Habitat For HumanityGoodwill Industries International, Inc