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We’ve Been In The Oceanside Junk Removal Business For Over A Decade

Junk Valet is your complete junk removal Oceanside solution. No matter what it is, where it is or how big or small it is, we can get rid of it for you in a safe, legal and responsible manner. Trust us, we’ve been in the Oceanside junk removal business for over ten years and have completed over 150,000 jobs.

 At Junk Valet, we are highly concerned about the environmental footprint we leave behind, and we know that the vast majority of our clients are as well.

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As a junk removal service, we are in a prime position to take a strong stance on this topic and – with the help of our clients – make a big impact.

First of all, we make it a priority to recycle as much material as possible. On jobs that include a lot of recyclable materials, we are able to designate a special section of our truck to collect recyclables so that we can easily take it to the recycling plant.


Junk Removal service in Oceanside Ca

Oceanside Debris Removal

Bigger Truck = Bigger Savings

Our pricing is based on volume – how much space your junk takes up
in our truck and not by the time it takes us to remove your junk!

Our pricing includes:

  • Labor
  • Dumping Fees
  • Recycling Fees
  • Hauling
  • General Clean Up
  • Taxes

You will get much more value for your money with our larger trucks! By cubit yard our prices are up to 15% less than competitors.

Just because we offer great pricing doesn’t mean we cut back on our service by a single dime. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and efficiency of our crew.

We honor the price quoted to you prior to your appointment and
there are never any hidden fees or surprises!

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Oceanside Junk Removal–Help Your Business Move Forward

Junk Valet is your total solution for Oceanside junk removal services.  If you’ve got junk in your way, whether it’s furniture and appliances left by an old tenant, an overflowing dumpster, or perishable items on your store shelves, you’ve got to get it out of your way so you can move forward.

We’ve been helping businesses clear out their junk and their lives for over ten years and have completed over 150,000 jobs during that time.  Many of our clients are businesses and property managers who are looking for a fast, professional and reliable Oceanside trash removal company to either remove or dispose of items they no longer need or to help move wanted items into storage or into a new business location.

Have Junk? Let us help get you rid of it Fast !
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Junk Removal Oceanside Offers Specialized Help for Retail Stores and Property Managers

Oceanside Junk Removal Oceanside Trash Removal junk removal Oceanside

 There are many types of businesses that produce more waste than the public waste management system can handle or that regularly have the need to get rid of large items. For instance, we provide many clients with retail packaging breakdown and perishable item removal services, which allows them to keep fresh, salable items on their shelves to increase profits and customer satisfaction. We also work with property managers to clear items that old tenants might leave behind, so that the property can go back on the market faster.

We can even safely and legally dispose of hazardous materials through a sister company.




Junk Valet Does Business Relocations Too

  Not all of our clients want us to dispose of their items. Our junk removal Oceanside team can also handle office, retail and warehouse relocations as well as tenant move outs, and even pack and unpack storage units.

Oceanside junk removal Oceanside trash removal junk removal Oceanside

All of our workers are professional and respectful of your property. If you’d like your property disposed of, we seek to recycle as much of it as possible as well as donate all usable items to local charities. If we are assisting in relocation, you can rest assured that we will package everything appropriately and handle it with the utmost care so that every dish, bookcase, and printer will look and function just as it did in its prior location.

We offer our commercial clients same day pickup and Oceanside junk removal service as well as some of the best rates in the business. Most of our competitors use 12-foot dump trucks, but at Junk Valet, we use 20-foot dump trucks, which allow us to haul more materials, saving our clients and time and money.

  We are glad to perform single-occurrence jobs or to schedule weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pickups.

Our Oceanside Trash Removal Services Are Committed To Recycling

Oceanside Junk Removal We’re also committed to reusing and recycling as many objects as possible through donations to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and many other local charities that accept gently-used furniture, working appliances, clothes and more. We’ve found that many of our clients feel good knowing that their unwanted objects are getting a second life and assisting those who are less fortunate.

We’re also capable of handling and properly disposing of a variety of objects, including electronics that may include hazardous chemicals. You can rest assured that these items will be disposed of in a legal and safe manner so that those chemical do not leech back into the environment and cause harm.

So, if you’re like most of our clients, you’re not just happy with someone swinging by and clearing out your junk. You want to know that your trash removal Oceanside materials are being recycled and reused when possible and that the rest is handled in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

You’ll get this peace of mind, plus friendly, professional and fast service when you use Junk Valet in Oceanside Ca.





Just give us a call at (619) 356-2819 for a direct quote or contact us through our website at www.JunkValet.com

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