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We offer a wide array of services. We can help you with all of your junk removal in Coronado needs. Here’s what we can do…

  • Clean up the debris in your backyard, front yard or around the house
  • remove junk from attics, basements and garages
  • help with fall or spring cleaning when you need to clean up the yard or the inside of the house
  • we can remove large, unwanted items that are too big to leave on the side of the curve for the garbage men to pick up
  • we even provide small demolition services, where we removal small garages, sheds and decks
  • dirty, bulky items that you’d rather not call yourself because they will mess up your vehicle

As you can see, we provide many services for all of those in need of appliance removal in Coronado. It doesn’t matter the type of job, the size of the job or if the job needs to be done immediately or next week. We got you covered no matter the situation.

Coronado Junk Removal

Hazardous Waste RemovalRecycle

Do you have hazardous waste that needs to be removed from your home? Does it need to be removed from your commercial property? Do you know how to get rid of it without breaking the law?

If you’re faced with any of these questions, Junk Valet is the perfect company to help. We are experienced with hazardous waste removal, and we have a team in place that can get rid of your hazardous waste properly, correctly and expediently when necessary.

Instead of trying to get rid of your hazardous materials on your own, why not call Junk Valet to lend a hand. We are happy to help and we are always here for you.

Call us at 619 356 2819. We are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Appliance removal in Coranado

Furniture Removal in Coronado

If you have old furniture that needs to be removed, don’t stress it at all. We can get rid of this for you in a heartbeat, and we have the manpower, trash hauler and the ability to remove old furniture from your life so that it won’t bother you any longer.

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