Got Junk? Get a Pro

Got Junk? Get a Pro

Want to sit back and supervise or would you prefer to break your back removing unwanted items and junk from your home or business space? Well, that’s a no-brainer. And that’s exactly why you should hire a trash removal firm A reputable company will help you get everything you want done professionally, on time and on budget. The only real decision you have to make — besides what goes and what stays — is what company you’re going to hire. Choose an experienced company that’s been doing business in your community for a while. Hopefully, they’ll have testimonials from happy past clients they can show you. If they don’t, beware. The last thing you want is to hire some inexperienced company to invade your office or home, even if they are only there to take away the junk, the unwanted, the excess. You need to consider your walls, your floors and carpets and your other furniture. Any of it can be damaged by people unskilled in the act of junk hauling.

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Got Junk? Get a Pro

Junk Haulers Haul More than Junk

There’s a misconception in the world that the only reason to call a someone to haul your junk away is to get rid of the sofa with the springs sticking through or those mountains of papers you’ve had since college. It’s untrue. Most of what get’s hauled these days are major appliances that work perfectly well but are being replaced by newer, more efficient models and new and stylish furniture that is replacing the old and tired. Of course there’s junk in the mix, but if you find a company a trash removal company that can haul away your current washing machine without dinging your walls or ripping your carpet, they can handle anything. Be careful not to fall for super cheap prices over the phone. Once you invite those estimators into your home or office the price generally rises dramatically and the question becomes how many of these people do you want to interview. At least meet with 2 or 3. While it will take a little time out of your day, you’ll quickly get a sense of who is professional and who is fly-by-night. The fly-by-night guys might offer a super bargain price but they may also not show up having instead gone to a better paying job.

What to Watch Out For

Another problem with new or less caring firms if that they don’t care about your property or your neighbor’s for that matter. They’re capable of putting dents in your walls, rips in your carpet and deep scratches in your floor. And worse yet, they may not be insured. A reputable and experienced trash removal will be fully licensed and insured. What’s more they’re experienced. They’ve been a part of the community for years and will no doubt continue to be so for many more years. That’s because they take pride in their work. They’re careful when removing your possessions or even just moving items to get to the items you want to discard. They know this is your home or your place of business and they respect that. Every crew member has been trained in every aspect of moving furniture and large objects to dealing with hazardous waste material.

Glad to See The Removal Firm Come & the Junk Go

Customer service is the top mark in any business. If you call a junk hauling company and they don’t answer the phone that’s not a great sign in this day of cell phones. You don’t want to have to chase down anyone to give them your hard-earned money. When you do reach the company, listen to make sure that the person you speak with sounds both knowledgeable and professional. If all of those things occur, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a top-notch firm. When a company of that caliber comes they’re truck will be clean, their employees neatly groomed and polite, and they’ll come prepared with the correct equipment to do the job right in the least amount of time. A reliable, reputable trash removal service will demonstrate all of these behaviors.

Estimates & Fees

Any company that has been around for a good period of time will be only too happy to give you a written estimate. But don’t stop there. Get a few estimates. Talk to the different representatives and see who gives you the best customer service and who offers the best price. Don’t be swayed by the lowest price. Yes, there are companies who offer rock-bottom prices in order to get in the game, but are you willing to trust them with your job? Perhaps they need to get someone else to be their first client. When you do receive an estimate it should clearly outline exactly what the trash removal company will do, how much it will cost and any applicable additional charges. You should know clearly what you’re getting in to when you sign on the dotted line and a reputable  trash removal firm will want you to know just what you’ll be getting.

Insured & Licensed

To protect your home and/or your business from any liability, you should ensure that the trash removal company you contract has all the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.  A company with bonded employees is yet another way to feel assured that your iPad won’t go missing while the trash hauling company is in your home. Anyone can own a truck and haul junk, but the professional will save you many headaches, hassle and money. Don’t let hard earned money go to waste!

Got Junk? Get a Pro