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We’ve Been In The Encinitas Junk Removal Business For Over A Decade

We are the top choice for homeowners and  property mangers when they Need Junk Removed In Encinitas.

We are proud to have established many long term relationships with property managers throughout San Diego and San Diego County. We know our clients appreciate our friendly, professional and uniformed workers as well as their speed and efficiency. Our workers respect your property and make a point to cause as little disruption as possible. We’re also happy to work around your schedule so as not to get in the way if you plan on showing a particular property at a specific time.

 We are happy to work with property managers on one-off projects as needed or to establish a schedule for regular trash removal dumpster overfill services. We can come by on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and always handle special calls if the need arises.

Encinitas ca Junk Removal

At Junk Valet, we are highly concerned about the environmental footprint we leave behind, and we know that the vast majority of our clients are as well.

As a junk removal service, we are in a prime position to take a strong stance on this topic and – with the help of our clients – make a big impact.

First of all, we make it a priority to recycle as much material as possible. On jobs that include a lot of recyclable materials, we are able to designate a special section of our truck to collect recyclables so that we can easily take it to the recycling plant.


Junk Removal In Encinitas Ca

Encinitas Debris Removal

Bigger Truck = Bigger Savings

Our pricing is based on volume – how much space your junk takes up
in our truck and not by the time it takes us to remove your junk!

Our pricing includes:

  • Labor
  • Dumping Fees
  • Recycling Fees
  • Hauling
  • General Clean Up
  • Taxes

You will get much more value for your money with our larger trucks! By cubit yard our prices are up to 15% less than competitors.

Just because we offer great pricing doesn’t mean we cut back on our service by a single dime. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and efficiency of our crew.

We honor the price quoted to you prior to your appointment and
there are never any hidden fees or surprises!

Trash Removal Encinitas


What Makes Us The First Choice In Encinitas Junk Removal

If you’re a property manager, then you’ve already got a lot on your mind. The last thing that you need to worry about is how to deal with dumpster overflow or what to do with all the extra furniture and junk the old tenants left before moving out. With a single call, you can have that dumpster overflow taken care of on a permanent basis or have your open property cleaned out in a day so you can start bringing in prospective tenants.


We’ve Been in the Encinitas Trash Removal Business for Over 10 years

Encinitas Trash Removal

Encinitas Junk Removal

Junk Valet, is your Encinitas junk removal solution. We’ve been working with homeowners and property managers for over ten years on handling all of their junk removal Encinitas needs. This includes routinely taking care of dumpster overflow, clearing out apartments, condos and homes and even hauling away vegetation. No job is too big or too small for us.

 Property managers know that time is money. Every day that you can’t show a property because it isn’t cleaned out is a day you can’t charge rent. That’s why Junk Valet can give you a price quote right over the phone and offers same day service. With a single call, you can have your junk gone by the time you go to bed.

Have Junk? Let us help with our Encinitas Junk Removal Services!
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Our Encinitas Trash Removal Services Are Committed To Recycling

Encinitas Trash Removal Service  A lot of our clients also appreciate our dedication to recycling and reusing as much materials as possible. Any gently-used furniture, appliances, clothing and the like is donated to local charities like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. We also separate out recyclable materials so that we can drop them off at the recycling plant and help save the resources of our planet while at the same time offering the best in junk removal Encinitas.

You’ll get this peace of mind, plus friendly, professional and fast service when you use Junk Valet.



 Just give us a call at (619) 356-2819 for a direct quote or contact us through our website at www.JunkValet.com

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