Commercial Services

Commercial ServicesAt Junk Valet, we strive to provide our commercial customers the same professional, courteous and environmentally sound services we offer our discriminating residential customers. But, we add convenient professional invoicing options, and the confidence in knowing that we are adequately insured, to assist your business without exposing it to additional liability risks.


If you are a contractor or property owner looking for construction debris removal, you have found the home of the professionals in junk removal. Junk Valet can certainly be of service.  We work with contractors all over San Diego and Orange county to remove debris on construction sites of all sorts. Many times, the service can be done the same day or next day as needed by their client. The great customer service and even better prices are why so many contractors use Junk Valet services repeatedly.

Construction Cleanup Takes More Then A Pick-Up Truck —  Junk Valet Provides Professional,  Manpower and Expertise

Not all so-called junk removal experts know how to deal with construction job site debris removal. There are many junk haulers that use the back of an old pickup and think they can call themselves professionals . However, they may not have the manpower or the expertise to do the job correctly. Dealing with construction debris infers knowing how to deal with local regulations as well as picking material up properly. The professionals at Junk Valet take pride in doing the job right and making their customers happy.

Professional Construction Site Cleanup


Do not let your construction site become a mess. Get rid of all those stray nails, chunks of concrete, splinters, and hunks of drywall. Do not leave the mess until the last day. Bring in the professionals and let them do the work. If you need construction junk removal from your property, call Junk Valet to  have the work for you. You will not regret making the phone call.

Safety is a number one priority for Junk Valet.  Insuring that their employees have the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. Once the debris is loaded, they make sure to secure the debris properly before moving out. This helps avoid debris landing on the road as they take it to the dump or transfer station. They also take time to inspect the truck after unloading to make sure nothing stray might fly out as they leave. This is a way for those that need construction debris removal to do it with professionals in mind.


A few of the advantages of Junk Valet vs. renting a Dumpster:

Junk Valet

  • Lower minimum charges
  • All labor included
  • We recycle or donate as much as possible
  • We show up and do the work the same day

Dumpster Rental

  • Higher charges
  • Must load it yourself or hire laborers
  • Often goes straight to the landfill
  • Often takes up your valuable time