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We’ve Been In The  Trash Removal Business In Camp Pendleton For Over 10 Years

Junk Valet is your complete junk removal service in Camp Pendleton . No matter what it is, where it is or how big or small it is, we can get rid of it for you in a safe, legal and responsible manner. Trust us, we’ve been in the  junk removal business for over ten years and have completed over 150,000 jobs.

 At Junk Valet, we are highly concerned about the environmental footprint we leave behind, and we know that the vast majority of our clients are as well.

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As Debris removal service, we are in a prime position to take a strong stance on this topic and – with the help of our clients – make a big impact.

First of all, we make it a priority to recycle as much material as possible. On jobs that include a lot of recyclable materials, we are able to designate a special section of our truck to collect recyclables so that we can easily take it to the recycling plant.


Camp Pendleton Debris Removal

Bigger Truck = Bigger Savings

Our pricing is based on volume – how much space your junk takes up
in our truck and not by the time it takes us to remove your junk!

Our pricing includes:

  • Labor
  • Dumping Fees
  • Recycling Fees
  • Hauling
  • General Clean Up
  • Taxes

You will get much more value for your money with our larger trucks! By cubit yard our prices are up to 15% less than competitors.

Just because we offer great pricing doesn’t mean we cut back on our service by a single dime. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and efficiency of our crew.

We honor the price quoted to you prior to your appointment and
there are never any hidden fees or surprises!

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What Makes Us Superior In Our Camp Pendleton Junk Removal Services


The Best Junk Removal Service In Camp Pendleton

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When we think of junk or trash removal, we all get frustrated because we need our junk or trash disposed of, but we don’t want to personally contribute to the waste that goes into our landfills and we know that litter continues to degrade our environment each year.

You don’t have to feel guilty about adding to this landfill problem if you use Junk Valet as your junk removal service provider.

Junk Valet will recycle and reuse as much of your junk as possible so that, together, we can preserve our environment, and give many of your items a purposeful second life.

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How Much Junk In your  Camp Pendleton home is too Much?

It’s truly surprising just how difficult it can be in some communities to get rid of your junk and other unwanted items. Sure, if it’s small enough to fit in the trash bin you put it out in front of your house for collection it may be picked up by your regular refuse company. Some waste disposal companies are happy to cart away just about anything, but many companies and communities have lots of rules about what, when and in what condition they will haul junk. Some won’t haul it at all depending on the items. Junk Valet’s Camp Pendleton Hazardous waste Removal   service  takes the hassle out of removing junk in at least that neck of the woods.  Junk Valet specializes in hauling away a wide array of junk and unwanted items; everything from trash and debris to hazardous waste removal.

Use Your Fingers to Get Rid of Junk

One phone call and Junk Valet is on its way to your home or business to help you create a cleaner, more open, more organized space. Your call will be answered by one of our experienced dispatcher finding the right crew to the right place with the right equipment. If you’re going to be producing even more junk or debris — same from a remodeling job –Junk Valet may leave you a dumpster to keep on your property. Once it’s full, you call us and we’ll come and empty or replace it with another empty one until the job is done. We will haulaway everything from trash to brush to hot tubs. If you’ve got it and you want to get rid of it, Junk Valet is the company you should call.

Help Tossing Out the Junk

Another option you have is to hire us to help you remove your junk. After living in a home for years, it’s tough to see the junk for the good stuff and even hard to have the energy to wade through boxes and other things in your attic, closet and garage. Your crew from Camp Pendleton, CA Junk Removal comes to the situation with a fresh professional eye, ready to remove, discard and cart your junk away. You point and we fetch and discard. It’s as simple as that. And this our debris removal service will properly dispose of your unwanted items. Appliances including washers, dryers and electronics must be disposed of in a safe manner particularly items that contain soldered wiring which is capable of polluting the soil. These items include stoves, refrigerators, televisions, computers, etc. Copper and other potentially contaminating materials must be removed and disposed of properly. Proper hazardous material removal is one our company’s specialty.

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How Much Junk In Your Camp Pendleton Home is to much ?

Large Items Moved

If that’s what it takes to get to the junk, then Junk Valet is the firm for you. Our crews are trained in proper and careful moving of large furniture such as sofas and dining hutches so that items meant for disposal can be reached. We’ll arrive with all the right equipment so that you don’t have to strain yourself. You’d be surprised how many obstacles to junk removal exist in the average home: mattresses and headboards, large dressers, cabinets, even grandfather clocks. Stairs and attic spaces are no problem for our trained crews. Even pianos — grand or upright — pose no problem. Just let our reputable trash hauling service know what we’re going to have to deal with when we get to your home or business and we’ll come prepared sending only the friendliest most competent technicians.

The Cost of Junk Removal

While of course there is a fee for our crew to come to your home or business and remove your junk and dispose of all items properly, it’s far more reasonable than you think. Some companies work on an hourly rate based on how many employees are involved, while some companies work on a flat project fee. The flat project fee will probably suit most people best because that way you know exactly what costs you’re looking at the end of the day. Don’t hesitate to get several estimates before you hire a company to haul your junk away.  A flat fee will be based on the amount of junk you need removed, how easy or difficult it is to get to, and how what’s involved in properly disposing of your items. The fee will also depend on the number of team members necessary to handle the job, the gas spent disposing of your items and the hours involved. It sounds like a lot, but flat fees are usually the way to go for most people. Some junk hauling businesses dispose of so much junk that they get discounts at the various recycling plants, etc. If they get a discount, they may well be able to pass it on to their customers such as Junk Valet. Hiring the right company, such as Junk Valet, to remove junk can make a world of difference in your home giving you more space, lighter, less clutter, and dust. While it may take a little effort on your part in terms of making a list of what needs to go and getting estimates, it’s well worth the effort.

How Much Junk In Camp Pendleton, Ca is too Much?